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Aluminium Windows


Soundproof and heatproof windows and doors, reinforced burglar-proof windows with squared, straight, thin lines.

Minimalist solutions in neutral colors that harmonize with ancient and modern architectures to maximize the building envelope and furnish any type of living or work environment.

To offer its client the full range of possibilities, Marotta Group provides truly integrated solutions that add value to contemporary homes and harmonize with period buildings.

Design windows that combine comfort, savings and safety because they are complete with everything: durability, finish, accessories, design items, insulation, security, automation, anti-theft, and convenience.

Marotta Group security solutions are guaranteed by German technology for products made in Italy with unmatched aesthetics.

Marotta Group designs and creates your ideal doors and windows with customized shape, surface and color.

It offers so many possible types of doors and windows and a complete range of products to choose from:

  • Entrance doors
  • Fire Resistant Doors
  • Explosion and Bullet Proof Doors
  • Emergency Exit Doors
  • Automatic and Energy Saving Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Folding Doors
  • Lifting Doors Sliding System
  • Doors Without Barriers
  • Fold-away Doors
  • Windows with Integrated Door
  • Vertical / Horizontal Hinges
  • Hybrid Windows with Double Skin Technology 


In addition, the Marotta Group has made the choice to use the CIRCAL 75R alloy in order to accompany clients and architects in achieving the most ambitious goals for the future in terms of sustainability as already happens today, for example, with energy-environmental certifications such as Leed, Breeam or Dgnb.

With the CIRCAL 75R alloy, Hydro is the first manufacturer of aluminum systems for windows and doors and facades able to supply top-quality recycled aluminum at the end of its useful life with a certified content of over 75% from post-consumer recycled waste.

Unlike other aluminum solutions generally proposed on the market, which are advertised as having a recycled content, Marotta Group has embraced the 75R alloy because Hydro’s strategy does not focus on process waste but on the use of material that has reached the end of its life.


Connectivity, natural ventilation, motorization of components and their automatic management, autonomous power supply of electronic and electromechanical components.

The Smart Window includes an electrochromic glass to ensure solar protection, a motorized ventilation sash to ensure natural ventilation, temperature and light sensors, a thin-film photovoltaic glass (CIGS), a lithium-ion battery to store electricity and allow the operation of the whole and an automatic system for the management of the window, its components and its functions.

The intelligent window version Wicona is obviously connectable to a BMS-Building management system.


Aluminum fire resistant doors can be classified EI30 and/or T30 / F30, maintaining the mirrors and without the need for fire protection panels. By adding the latter, the EI60 and/or T60 / F60 classifications are obtained. Solutions that can be declined according to every need, from the fanlight to the side mirrors that can be opened or fixed.


Ensuring maximum building safety is a priority for Marotta. The unified European standard divides emergency exit doors into emergency exit systems in accordance with EN 179 and panic exit systems in accordance with EN 1125. Emergency exit doors in accordance with EN 179 are intended for buildings without access, while panic door systems in accordance with EN 1125 are used in offices open to the public such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.


Packable sliding doors are an ideal solution when space for openings is limited. Thanks to its characteristics and technical performance, this system can be used for exhibition areas, conservatories, conference rooms, restaurants and hotels, as well as for private homes.


Automatic sliding doors have short opening and closing cycles optimized for passage, thus managing to maintain the maximum amount of heat in the building. On the other hand, when they are closed for extended periods, such as at night, energy-saving sliding doors protect the building against excessive energy loss, thus making a significant contribution to maintaining the building’s energy balance.


Marotta is able to supply windows and doors certified phB by the renowned Passivhaus – Institut Dr. Feist in Darmstadt (Germany). A window system with the highest standards of energy efficiency achieving Uw of 0.80 W / m²K with a visible width of only 125 millimetres. The modular design of the individual components, including an interchangeable outer frame, allows you to adjust the Uf value for maximum flexibility in your projects.


The new Wicona WicLine 75 Max system with retractable handle has been awarded the red dot design prize by iF Design Award

Windows with a harmonious design that, in addition to maximum visual transparency and environmental comfort, introduce an innovative element such as the retractable handle in the frame.

A minimal and extremely elegant solution that allows you to strengthen the uniform and harmonious appearance of the window.

It is possible to make aluminum windows with casement, tilt-turn, tilt-turn and tilt-slant opening (reverse operation with main tilt opening).