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Curtain walls


The most daring curtain wall projects are the identity manifesto of the Marotta Group. The paradigm shift in contemporary architecture has seen a significant increase in the importance of facades. The envelope of a building defines its value, architectural expression and commercial success. Our facades are environmental moderators and synthesize every aspect of value. As the most interactive and communicative parts of buildings, facades showcase the philosophy and goals of their occupants.

We have a vision to be the right example for our partners, we are able to paint a compelling and exciting picture through dedicated work, high performance standards and constant innovation. We believe in open dialogue, respecting all ideas and concepts that improve the quality of implementation. Value-based solutions are ideals embedded in our management style.

A good project takes all these elements into account, so you need to choose a partner who is up to the job.

Prestigious Italian brand, Marotta Group develops, designs and manufactures aluminum solutions for construction: curtain walls and integrated works.

Marotta Group expresses a construction technology in harmony with a global concept of modern architecture that reconciles the functions of energy storage, climate control, solar shading, fire and noise protection, security against burglary and bullets, to transform a single facade into a protective shell and design element.

Specifically, Marotta Group manufactures Classic Mullion and Stick Facades, Applied Facades, Element Facades, Structural Facades or Three-Dimensional Facades such as Pyramids, Polygons, Cylindrical Vaults or Spherical Roofs. With Marotta Group facade systems, you can design every imaginable variation. The topic of the Intelligent Facade with energy saving, cost reduction and high quality is becoming increasingly important. Marotta Group’s Intelligent Façade is an active and self-sufficient integrated façade concept. The facade reacts to changes in external and internal conditions contributing to improve the energy efficiency of the envelope. Marotta Group develops systems with Photovoltaic Integration, integrating both in the facade and in the roof, opaque or transparent photovoltaic modules.

Another important topic are Double Facades.

Marotta Group also manufactures Burglar and Bulletproof Facades.

Another top-of-the-range product from the Marotta Group is the Element or Cell Facade, having the peculiar feature of being produced in frames that arrive already composed on site.

Finally, to respond to the guidelines of contemporary architecture Marotta Group offers steel curtain wall systems that allow to define solutions with a rigorous and clean design, developed vertically and extremely transparent.

Protection from the most extreme stresses and, thanks to special accessories, from situations of serious danger in case of fire, with structural profiles up to 180 mm in depth and only 50 mm of visible section, glass with weights up to 500 kg and surfaces up to 7 square meters.

Marotta Group uses products of leading brands in integrated systems for windows, doors and facades in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel, Bronze and Brass.

Known for the performance and reliability of its products, Marotta Group provides designers, architects and clients with the means to realize their projects and implement the most daring solutions in conditions of absolute safety.

Facade on wood and steel substructure

Continuous facade with elements or cells

Structural facade

Reported  Facade

Elements or cells for Continuous facade Assembly without external scaffolding

Smart Windows

Curtain wall for passive houses

Photovoltaic facade

Hybrid facade with double skin technology