Realizziamo il nostro lavoro su solide fondamenta

Furniture and Design in Metal


In the history of every company, as in the life of every man, there are times when the desire for novelty may be confused with dissatisfaction with the present. Instead, we think  that this feeling is based on a deep love and respect for their history, their origins, which are lost in ancient times, when materials, processes and ideas related to them represented a whole of arms and brain.

Willingness and representation of a condition that, starting from afar, would certainly not have stopped at the surface of the artefacts, but would have dug into their souls, to grasp the secrets suggested by their less accessible and deeper essence.

The perfect combination of design and technology has made possible in recent years the creation of increasingly unique products, obtained through high craftsmanship, worked with extreme care, from the initial idea to the final realization.

The passion for materials represents the most exciting aspect for Marotta Group. It is not only the processing, more and more sophisticated, to suggest the interest of the company, but a constant research that digs into the very essence of iron and its derivatives, in which each molecule is able to reveal unexpected results, producing a myriad of variants, which make the uniqueness of each product.

The progressive collaboration with important architects and designers as well as international landscapers, leads to the creation of a line of products in which the contemporary language of the authors can be glimpsed.

Thoughts, drawings and new creations have accompanied the artefacts of the Marotta Group whose lines recall objects from familiar shapes that through the dimensional snapshot and the use of unusual materials acquire a new meaning, generating an unexpected visual and emotional impact and becoming material and spatial presence within the environment in which they are placed.

All Marotta Group’s production is distinguished by the very high quality of workmanship, which is expressed through the meticulous attention to detail and the manual execution of all finishing and decoration operations.

Technological skills, combined with the creativity of great personalities of design lead to the creation of unexpected interpretations of bookcases, storage furniture, lights, chairs and tables, vases and planters, partitions and equipped walls, indoor and outdoor stairs, surfaces, furniture accessories, gazebos and outdoor areas.

Metals used:

  • Black sheet metal
  • Corten
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass


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